Mardi Gras Southeast Texas

Routes & Rules

Parade Rules and Regulations

For all floats, mini floats, lowboys and motor parades:

ELIGIBILITY: Only registered floats, motorcycles, ATV, golf cart, bicycles and vehicles are eligible. Participants agree to comply with all rules and regulations as stated in the application and city ordinance. Firearms are prohibited at any MGSETX event. Behavior not consistent with the family affair philosophy of MGSETX is prohibited and may result in expulsion. MGSETX prohibits encouraging spectator nudity, indecent attire and characterization.

GATE ADMISSION: Ticket required for all float riders and parade participants wishing to enter grounds after the parade.

LINEUP: At the Beaumont Civic Center North Parking Lot. Floats arrive for staging in the morning. Tow vehicles on arriving should hookup. Parade rider vehicles are allowed to unload quickly and remove the vehicle to nearby parking. Entrance to the staging area will close one hour prior to parade time. Arrive early and tailgate with friends.

FLOAT CAPTAIN: Every float shall have a Float Captain who is in charge and responsible for all activities associated with the float. Safety is priority. Responsibilities include but not limited to securing a tow vehicle, the driver, a 2” trailer ball, 6 float guards in neon safety vest, sound equipment, generator, cleanup, costume coordination. CLEAN UP IS MANDATORY!

FLOAT GUARDS: All floats must have a minimum of 6 float guards walking along side the float at all times. Minimum ages is 14 years old and able to handle the crowd. Floats will not roll with less than 6 guards wearing neon safety vest.

DRIVER INSTRUCTIONS: The lead car will set the pace, do not allow excessive gaps. Maintain a safe distance from the float ahead (approx. 35ft). If your vehicle become immobile, ask the vehicle behind you to continue on. Do not stop unless for emergency or safety reason. Keep a careful lookout for spectators and children approaching your vehicle.

RIDER INSTRUCTIONS: When the float is in motion do not get on or off. Riders are restricted to the float floor space only. Climbing on props, icons or railings is prohibited. Watch for low tree branches, wires or objects that may cause a problem.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Each float is required to have two (2) fire extinguishers (2A10BC type). One (1) in the tow vehicle and one (1) on the float placed for easy access.

HEAT PRODUCTION: All heat producing devices (i.e. smoke machines, flares, etc.) shall be approved by the fire official. Generators must be placed in the truck bed, no SUV, campers etc. are allowed. No riders allowed in the bed of the truck.

SAFETY CHAINS: There shall be a minimum of one safety chain with tensile strength on all trailer hitches to prevent loss of control of the float in the event the hitch becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle. State Law.

THROWS: It is required that customary Mardi Gras throws, cups, beads, doubloons, moon pies, logo items, trinkets be thrown from the floats. Toss throws a reasonable distance from the float. Don’t throw to the front or rear. If the float stops rolling for any reason discontinue throwing. Under no circumstances is alcohol to ever be thrown out into the crowd.

BEVERAGES: No glass containers allowed. Riders should use plastic, paper or souvenir cups.

COSTUMING: It’s Mardi Gras so costuming is encouraged. Does not have to be elaborate, just fun and festive!

ADVERTISING & SIGNAGE: Is limited to authorized registered participants, sponsors, krewe name or approved by MGSETX.

GOLF CARTS, ATV, ETC.: Must be driven by a licensed driver & registered for Friday parade. No Golf Carts other than parade officials on Saturday. Sunday requires a licensed driver, children accompanied by adult, registration & fee paid.

LOWBOY TRAILER: Are allowed if regulations are met. Riders weight capacity shall not exceed the limitation of the trailer. Chairs/benches will be securely fastened to the deck. Standing is prohibited on lowboy trailers (mini floats) unless safety rails with a diameter of 1 1⁄4 “, with the top bar not less that 32” above the standing platform. The rail shall be secured in a manner to support a weight of 250 lbs.

LOWBOY TRAILER RULES: All lowboys must have two (2) escorts in neon safety vest. One on each side positioned by the trailer hitch. Ladders are not required due to the height of the lowboy trailer unless lowboy trailer height has been altered to raise the height above normal, in which case a ladder for easy access and safety is required.

TRASH: Is your responsibility to pickup your trash and dispose properly. Don’t leave trash in the line up area find a dumpster.

Mardi Gras Southeast Texas, Inc. reserves the right to accept or decline any application