Mardi Gras Southeast Texas



Wagner’s Carnival offers over 30 attractions featuring, great food, like cotton candy, funnel cakes, candy apples, and the always popular corn dog. Wagner’s also features a wide range of rides for every age.   including the Zipper, Kamikaze, Hurricane, Ferris Wheel, Tea Cups, Merry-Go-Round and many more exciting rides to choose from. And when you get ready to play a game  to win a prize, Wagner’s offers many different types of games to test your skills.

Wagner’s Carnival is a family-owned and operated business since the mid-1970’s.  Albert and his wife Denise started the business in 1977 after a long history of carnivals in their families. To this day they still own the Merry-Go-Round that belonged to Albert’s parents.  Their oldest Jason attended Texas A&M University, and has now taken over as owner of the show. Carnival employees are more than that; they are family too. We will always try to keep the fun family atmosphere when it comes to running our show.

Wagner’s Carnival prides itself on safety and cleanliness. All of our employees must wear a Wagner’s Carnival Uniform and ID badge. Our employees are trained to operate the equipment, and are tested repeatedly throughout the year. Our equipment is inspected daily and is watched throughout the day by the operator, supervisor, and the owners.

Each ride will have its own size and ticket signs.  We provide these signs by our ticket booths to help you understand what to expect.  You can find the number of tickets, height requirements, and ride intensity.  Also, you can measure your child so you know what rides are appropriate before purchasing.

Wagner family has been entertaining crowds all over the country with their family friendly fun atmosphere, quality rides and courteous service.  Be sure to visit the carnival rides at Mardi Gras Southeast Texas, FunPass! wristbands are available each day $20 in advance (online) and $27 onsite.  Wristbands allow for continuous ride entertainment for any one day.  The carnival does not require an admission fee; however, should you want to enter the festival grounds where concerts, vendors and  KidZone are located, a ticket is required for 12 years of age and older.

Enjoy these and other rides at Wagner’s Carnival while at Mardi Gras SETX !

Giant Ferris Wheel

Puppy Love
Quad Runner
Ghost Pirate
Musical Chairs
Quad Runner
Ghost Pirate
Musical Chairs
Tea Time
Happy Dragons

Fun Slide
Fun Slide
Puppy Love
Jet Skis